EZ Accuracy unveils dimple tool for AR-15 gas block installation

EZ Accuracy introduces a Gas Block Dimple Tool designed to help AR-15 builders easily and efficiently dimple barrels to prevent gas block movement.

The tool, announced in February by the gunsmith shop, works with any gas block that uses a 10-32 set screw.

The dimple tool set aims to simplify the dimpling process. (Photo: EZ Accuracy)

The dimple tool set aims to simplify the dimpling process. (Photo: EZ Accuracy)

The company says the process is simple. Gas blocks should be installed based on manufacturers’ instructions. When the block is in the proper position, users remove one set screw and install the EZ Accuracy screw. The supplied marking pin can now slide through the center of the screw and tap to center punch the dimple location. The marking pin is removed and users lightly drill through the screw using a 1/8-inch drill bit. When the dimple is placed, the set screw can be replaced. Rinse and repeat for all remaining set screws until finished.

“(Dimpling) is a step that many builders skip due to the fact that locating the proper location to drill the dimples can be a difficult and nerve-racking task. Putting the dimple in the wrong place can mean having to go with a different style gas block or in a worst case scenario, ruining your barrel,” EZ Accuracy owner Eric Feldman said in a press release. “We feel that ensuring a gas block cannot move is essential in the continued reliability of your AR platform.”

The company says dimpling tools already on the market are proprietary to a certain gas block, therefore not meeting the needs of AR builders working on multiple platforms.

“Gas blocks are very easy to slide onto the barrel but can become tricky when machining so that the block will not shift,” Feldman said. “I have used this method for years and I’m now offering the tools at a price that’s a fraction of the price of gas block tools available on the market.”

The Gas Block Dimple Tool is priced at an affordable $14 from EZ Accuracy.

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