Eyes-On: Medford Micro Praetorian


While travelling the aisles of the USN Gathering I saw a lot of different knives, what else? But Medford Knife and Tool caught my eye with their sleek styling and practical sizing. Sure, a bigassed knife is cool to show to your friends but they’re a lot harder to fit into your pockets. Especially mine since I typically don’t run around in loose cargo pants. The model that looked perfect for our upcoming event, Trails Found, was the Micro Praetorian. It’s like a bulldog with it’s stubby Crucible S35VN blade that’s just under 3″ but with the thickness of it’s bigger brother. The flame oxidized titanium handles, in addition to being lightweight, look great too. Did I mention Medford is a veteran owned small American business? Even better.

I snapped some quick cellphone pictures for you to check out, but this is absolutely not the last time you’ll see it.

And a short gif

Here’s what Medford has on their page about this little guy:

2/3 the size of the standard sized Praetorian G/T, this chunky knife offers the same blade and scale thickness as it’s larger counterpart. You can slip this beefy little monster into smaller pockets, with the same nasty grip and punch of its big brother. So, if you’re looking for a smaller version of the Praetorian G/T you already own, or just want a smaller chunky folder, this knife is definitely for you!!

As Shown: D2 steel, tumbled oxide blade finish, custom flame locking and Digi G-10 non-locking sides with tumbled clip.

Total length: 6.75″
Blade length: 2.8″
Blade thickness: .190″
Blade width: 1 1/4″
Scale thickness: .1875″
Total thickness: 1/2″
Closed length: 4″
Weight: 4.4oz

and of course, some of their professional photos

Standby for a complete review, but in the meantime you can check out Medford online here.

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