Every 9mm Glock semi-auto model stacked up (VIDEO)

Kicking it off with the G19, “The standard by which all other Glocks are measured,” Hickok45 compares the 9 milly Glocks from the petite G43 to the longslide G17L.

The rundown includes the aforementioned models as well as the G26 Baby Glock subcompact, the standard G17 duty gun, and the G34 Tactical/Practical. The only one really lacking is the select-fire G18 and the fictional “Glock 9” from Die Hard II.

Of course, the guns are Gen 3 and 4, so he is missing out on some first and second generation guns (and the 2.5 for you purists), but by and large the lineup is complete.

Source Article from http://www.guns.com/2017/02/27/every-9mm-glock-semi-auto-model-stacked-up-video/

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