Ever Wonder What Happens When A Nut Tests A Bolt?

By Chris @ Detroit Bullet Works


When I got this Rubber City Armory bolt with BlacknitridePlus™ it already had some miles on it, I kind of like that. It makes my job a little easier as a reviewer, somebody else has already put some rounds on it and gives me a chance to look at some of the wear and tear it has on it, as well as tear it down and clean it (I am a fanatic for the cleaning of weapons) I find it is the best way to get to know them.

So the day I got the bolt, I noticed that it wasn’t very dirty :-( I said what gives? Did you clean this already? The answer was nope! And I knew it already had close to 600 rounds on it, so I was impressed from the start. I took it over to the bench and tore it apart and only needed to give it a wipe down and per the manufacturers instructions put it back together. I jammed it into my upper and bagged it for a trip to the range; I also grabbed 500 rounds of 5.56! Off to the range to have a little fun, the nice thing about testing a bolt is you get to shoot fast, most bolts tend to give out under higher cyclic rates, so I always make it a point to rapid fire at least 200 rounds after I have gotten the weapon nice and hot.

So I got the first 100 rounds down the pipe without issue, nothing exciting at all. No feeding issues, no failures, it just plain and simple did its job, as a reviewer I always hope for something to fail or something to improve, it makes the review a lot more exciting! Unfortunately, the first 100 rounds went like *$&$ through a goose! And I have nothing exciting to tell you about it, other than I was getting dirty looks from the two old guys two benches down, I believe the question I received was “Why are you wasting ammo” my answer was quite simple, “I need the empty brass for an art project.” That was the end of the questions! And I was back to my testing.

Now that I had the bolt nice and warm, I opened it up to take a photo of it to show you how dirty it was getting, but there was a problem. It was just a clean as when I put it in the first time! So I just kept shooting. At this point, I wanted to shoot faster, and I just so happen to have a 100 round drum that I just love to use whenever I get the chance! I pulled it out of my truck and made it a point for the two elderly bullet counters to see it. That was the point where they decided to leave for the day, I even offered to let them help me “waste some ammo” but they weren’t interested.

I blew through the next 100 rounds as fast as I could! Again no issues! Very disappointing. I spent the better part of the next hour just shooting it was great I have to tell you the bolt just does it’s job, and the guys at Rubber City Armory have hit a home run with this one. Their BlacknitridePlus™ is a great product. It does make it as simple as taking your bolt apart and wiping it down, it doesn’t require a bunch of chemicals or soaking and scrubbing to get it clean. I just wonder what else these guys are going to coat with this stuff in the future?

Here are a few photos of the bolt just as it came back to the shop no scrubbing just a quick wipe down with a dirty shop towel!

This has 500 rounds on it… Still very clean with only a simple wipe down for photos…


Here you can see a few little faint wear spots on the BC but nothing out of the norm and still feels very good to the touch nothing jagged or scratched. Just a wear mark!

IMG_2971 IMG_2972 IMG_2973 IMG_2974

My personal thoughts on the Rubber City Armory BCG with BlacknitridePlus™ is we have a winner here, all be it a little pricy…. I think this coating makes the BCG bulletproof……..

My personal thoughts on the Rubber City Armory BCG with BlacknitridePlus™ is we have a winner here, all be it a little pricy. I think this coating makes the BCG bulletproof.


  • With the improved coating on this bolt you get to spend more time shooting and less time cleaning!
  • This is a simple drop in upgrade no fitting and no trips to the gunsmith


  • The one con to this product is that it is costly, it looks just like any other basic mil spec BCG on the market until you actually feel it in your hands then you can tell the difference.

The Bolt is avaliable here: https://www.rubbercityarmory.com/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=31

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