Enforce Gun Laws Better in Oakland County

The Detroit Free Press has published an interesting article that speaks to the message the NRA and other pro 2nd Ammendment advocates have taken since the start. We do not need more Gun Laws we need better enforcement of the existing laws. It is more encouraging to see that this message was being delivered by key speakers Tuesday at a hearing on gun violence, held by the Oakland County Commissioners’ public services committee at the county complex outside Pontiac

Criminals by the very nature of the term are those who do not obbey the laws of our society. You will never stop a criminal by creating new and strickter regulations. The only way to stop illegal activity is enforce the regulations and the punishments for those who break the laws.

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For those of you not looking to go to the Free Press site I have quoted it here:

Existing gun laws shouldn’t change — just be enforced.
That was the message from key speakers Tuesday at a hearing on gun violence, held by the Oakland County Commissioners’ public services commitee at the county complex outside Pontiac.
“Most of the crimes being done out there are not done with legal guns — they’re done with guns bought on the street,” said Commissioner John Scott, a Republican from Waterford and avid hunter.
In the committee’s five hearings on Curbing Gun Violence held since the a December school shooting in Newtown, Conn., the group heard from mental health experts, school officials and community leaders, with some requesting stricter laws on licensing and selling guns. But those who had the hearings’ last words in the contentious issue that divides the nation said that federal and state gun laws shouldn’t change.
Commissioner Helaine Zack, a Democrat from Huntington Woods, countered that while no single regulation can be fully effective, licensing rules are “part of the toolbox” for keeping guns from the wrong hands.
The committee plans to meet next month to discuss making recommendations to the full county board of commissioners at its June 14 meeting. The board could send a resolution to Lansing lawmakers, who are considering proposals to tighten Michigan’s gun regulations, including one to ban taking firearms into public libraries, which is strongly supported by officials with Birmingham’s Baldwin Community Library. That measure won’t keep armed lawbreakers out of libraries, Scott said.
“When we hear about a lot of the shootings, they’re in schools and churches, all the gun-free zones,” he said.
The hearings before the county’s Public Services Committee were chaired by former Farmington Hills police chief and Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer, now a Republican county commissioner from Farmington Hills. They were co-sponsored by Commissioner Marcia Gershenson, a Democrat from Bloomfield Hills.
Dwyer said he favors improved mental health treatment, school security and education for parents on keeping guns away from children.

It is always encouraging to see when local politicians recognize that making good people criminals through bad legislation is the wrong way to approach a problem. Only through a tougher stance on illegally used or obtained firearms can we begin to conquer the real issue. Those looking to cause harm will do it via any method available to them. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater instead lets put those violent  criminals behind bars.

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