Embrace the Chaos

“Clamber upon the highest ramparts of this earth and recall the things you’ve heard and seen: the view of mist over a forest lake, the sound upon sea harbors when ocean waves break, fireflies rising in hot summer night, the giddy thrushes song at first light. The trembling breath of lovers, the shouts of men at war, the glory of the stars, thunderous waterfall upon rock and the brilliance of making your first silver dollar. Red eyed sunset over soaring hills, the sunken depths you plumbed and the unplowed fallows you’ve run and the sterile fact after fact after fact that illuminates how you have life…. Let the memories of old ghosts die. Our spirit is poor but we are free to choose the pattern of our life and the paths of this vast earth and every towering summit we’ll climb.” ~Michael Kurcina.

The daily grind: Eat, sleep, dream, wake, die inside…repeat. There are some men who are bored with living and bored with dying but not me. I’m grateful for every single breath I expel and every sunrise I see. I’m glad for what life I’ve touched and what touches me. I embrace those teaching moments of anarchy. Chaos is a good teacher and engorges the conduits of your veins with blood and mind with creativity.

We need Hell sometimes.

Life, often is filled with long moments of boredom punctuated by a few seconds of glory but glory is just fingertips away; I’ve felt it, smelt it, seen it, known it and I want more of it. Do you? It’s out there for you too even if it’s for seconds but it takes battle. I don’t want fury to leave me until I’ve reached the top. I need the smoke, and the roar, the long musket and the plunging knife, men’s blood and the terror to exist. Then let the earth be quiet and I can be the sum of all those moments. As men, for just mere seconds, let us feel immortal. Don’t climb down, let others come to us, if they want a seat. Make every day count and embrace the chaos.

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