Elderly Man Shoots at Attempted Dog Nappers in West Detroit

Click on Detroit has just published another case of local people standing up for their rights and property.

Full article here. 

An elderly man sitting on his porch was approached by 3 unknown men who were interested in his dog. These 3 men later came back with firearms to this elderly mans home on Cascade Street near Joy Road and announced they were robbing him and wanted his dog.

However they did not know that this man was not a disarmed liberal who would lay down and take it. Instead he pulled out his own gun and started shooting. There is no mention of if this was a Joe Biden shotgun, handgun or the infamous deadly AR-15 but we do know that hit one of them and that attacker is in serious condition.

There is no charges pending and no word on any further arrests at this time. All I have to say is go gramps!!!