Easy homemade 9mm from repurposed paintball gun (VIDEO)

Using his own take on an arm brace, a DIY home gunsmith crafted a 9mm pistol with a 10-inch barrel using hardware store parts, a surplus barrel, and a paintball gun lower.

YouTuber AK Custom started with a barrel picked up off eBay and used a series of pipes and end caps for the upper receiver tube which is completed with common screws, pins, nuts, bolts, and springs. The gun uses Taurus PT111 magazines (he had some around) and is blowback action with an ejector but no extractor. Since the firearm has a sub-16 inch barrel, it is in SBR territory if completed as a rifle, so the folding appendage at the end of the receiver is a hollow flexible armbrace mounted on a buffer tube– not a stock.

It’s a six-pound semi-auto 9mm pistol with a 12-shot mag that has a certain wasteland styling to it that always makes home builds kinda neat.

Note: To be on the safe side, you may want to go with a 16.1-inch bbl if you copy the build, or get an ATF letter for the brace/buy someone else’s “official” arm brace if you go with a 10-incher, or just do away with the “thing that goes up” altogether. Just saying.

Source Article from http://www.guns.com/2017/04/12/easy-homemade-9mm-from-re-purposed-paintball-gun-video/

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