Easter Weekend Sale at EDC Tactical

EDC Tactical makes a variety of high end AR 15 lower receivers, rifles, suppressors, and muzzle brakes. Their billeted lower receivers are often customized in interesting or humorous ways. They feature premium grade one of a kind and production rifles. My favorite items are the Diminish 10/22 and Ruger 22/45s. These are integrally suppressed weapons that feature a CNC mono core design. With all this in mind we have good news, EDC Tactical is offering 20% off store wide during their Easter Weekend sale.

EDC Tactical’s Easter Weekend Sale

The Diminish 22/45

On top of the 20% off sale on the Diminish guns, you also get 200 dollar store credit when you purchase any of the Diminish integrally suppressed guns, their 5.56 cans, or 30 caliber cans. So for the Diminish 10/22 you are getting 200 dollars off the gun, and then 200 dollars in store credit. So now is the time to buy if you are looking for a can, or an integrally suppressed gun.

The Diminish 10/22

There receivers are amazing. They are all highly unique and the engravings on the receiver and cerakoted finish will set each and every one of them apart. Some favorites include the Tijuana Special, which you’ll have to examine here and it’s not totally Safe For Work once you start zooming. The Oohrah lower being my favorite. I love the selector positions particularly. The lowers are all billet lowers, and of course are part of the Easter Weekend Sale.

Lastly, EDC Tactical makes a variety of one of a kind rifles. These AR 15s are heavily customized and EDC with a mixture f function and form. The Grim Reaper has an awesome finish, as you can readily see. This includes a unique lower and a unique magazine that is themed to the rifle. Check out the Reaper at EDC Tactical’s website to zoom in and see the fine features of the rifle.

EDC Tactical makes some interesting and unique guns, receivers, and suppressors. The Easter Weekend sale is icing on the cake.

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