Durand Schools New Gun Policy

We have found the following press release from the Durand Michigan Schools:

DURAND — Following five months of discussion, the Durand Board of Education has adopted a policy that allows gun owners to openly carry firearms in Durand schools, with limits.

The policy permits gun owners with a concealed pistol license to openly carry guns in school, but only after their CPL is confirmed by local police, who would escort the gun holder at all times, and only if the person carrying does not cause a disruption.

In other news school districts are also allowing people to legally drive cars in parking lots but only after drivers licenses are verified and while accompanied by a police officer. In Ann Arbor the school district is kind enough to let you breath air while on school property but only where required by law. (satire people)

What has the world come to that a state and locally government funded school organizations are wasting times debating laws that are already in place and voted on by the representatives? This is an intimidation factor that is put in place to discourage open carry but not far enough over the line that they will be sued like Ann Arbor schools.

What are your thoughts on the matter? We are discussing it here: https://www.facebook.com/248Shooter