DoubleTap teams with Colt for new ammo line

Utah ammo maker DoubleTap Ammunition has teamed with Colt’s Manufacturing to produce two new lines of ammo for the iconic gun maker.

The Colt brand, based out of Connecticut, will now include personal defense ammo named Colt Defense, and competition oriented ammo dubbed Colt National Match.

Initial offerings for the Colt National Match Ammunition include full metal jacket loadings in 9x19mm (124gr.), 10mm (180 gr.), .45 ACP (230 gr.), .223 Rem. (62 gr.), and a .308 Win. with a 155 gr. Sierra Tipped MatchKing bullet. Price is listed as $23.95 for 9mm or .308, and $29.95 for the rest. Each box contains 50 rounds.

The Colt Defense Ammunition line will include loadings in .380 ACP (95 gr.), 9x19mm (124 gr.), 10mm (180 gr.), .45 ACP (230 gr.), and a .223 Rem. (62 gr.) all with special, bonded jacket hollow point bullets. Price is listed as $18.95 for .380 and 9mm, and $19.95 for the rest. Each box contains 20 rounds.

Product director for Colt, Justin Baldini, said DoubleTap developed the ammo from the ground up and it will be produced at DoubleTap’s facilities with the same equipment.

Explaining the thinking behind the new products, he said the match ammo was designed for a “competitive shooter who might not have the equipment or expertise to hand load their own match ammo.”

DoubleTap’s chief executive officer, Mike McNett, said the uniqueness of the new brand is how it functions with a Colt firearm.

“Throughout the development process, we continually checked fit, function, and ballistics in a range of Colt’s products to ensure maximum performance,” McNett said.

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