Do You Have a Place of Rest?

I was thinking about the latest post and I all I could think of is rest. You know, what do Vikings do when they’re not slaying ice giants, and running like naked berserkers in the snow? Are they drinking Mead, patching wounds, hunting, seeing the blacksmith, or likely away on commercial expeditions and even pillaging? They’re doing something other then slaying.

What are you doing today to give you extra wind in your sails for the next journey? We can’t be bone breakers 24/7. We need to rest. Yet warriors sometimes come home to quarters in disarray; the wife is gone, the home needs fixing, friends are dead, brothers have passed and a man needs time to regroup.

It would be good to hear someone say, “you’ve carried the load so now it’s time for me to take care of you.” But that’s not always the case. We’re alone in our empty longhouse except for our animals to keep us warm. Sometimes we have to behave like animals. Sometimes we men must act like bears, right? We have to go away for awhile and lick our wounds, shout at the sky or sit like wildmen in our ashes until we recover. Do it for an hour or a day. Let our sensibilities rejuvenate so we can inspire terror in the ones we hate and give confidence to the ones we love. Some men became shape-shifters, half man half animal. Do that for awhile. Howl and rest.

Good luck warrior. Give your body mind and spirit a rest. Find somewhere to go for respite, you need it. Take some time out for you and then go out and slay again. I mean that.

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