Dim the Lights and Look into Darkness

Many summer nights ago I used to ride my motorcycle with the lights turned off as I snaked down a serpentine path. It was something I did as a young man for thrills. My eyes caught glimpses of the road as I shakily navigated through danger. There is a realization for most men who are not caught in a state of arrested development that it’s important to grow up. We have obligations to our family, work, community and so on. Certainly youth brings with it a lot of pleasure and as adults we can look back on our wild past and pull some lessons from it to fight disconnection. To feel youthful again we must take some risks. One way is to train ourselves to see the world through a different lens. Dim your lights and get in tune with darkness. See the world through strained eyes until they can see what is out there naturally. Though your eyes adapt to bright light faster than darkness eventually it will adjust and attune to things that you’ve never really paid attention to before. Shut out the technological distractions. The risk is in letting go of your handicaps and figuring out again who you are. Listen to the sounds around you. Use your ears and your heightened awareness. The ocean waves crashing, crickets chirping, a lone car in the distance humming…Now do this everyday, not just physically, but spiritually…Practice it in every waking, silent wordless morning, and greet the restless rushing energy that fills the empty chamber within you with churning power. See another world differently as if seeing over a fence rather than attempting to peek through it. For those who are hyperaware, whose minds are always alert, we must not be discouraged by the pressures pushed upon us by our obligations. Learn where to put your focus. We might feel beaten, and broken but we are not irrevocably lost. With life in us there is hope for the engine that keeps running even if our lights are blacked out. Live with intention and the forced lack of illumination. Tune into everything around you. Eventually you will find a way off that road. I assure you.

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