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I can already hear your sighs and muffled “What the F*&^” as I write the review for another Kydex holster. But hear me out, who doesn’t like to support local businesses? Who doesn’t like quality at a fair price? Who doesn’t like lots of choices? Who doesn’t like Nudity?

Ok, now that I have your attention, let’s start this review. The first thing I noticed about this Detroit Concealment, rig is the built in retention screw, which is a great feature in this world of press fit kydex. As you continue to examine this rig you will see the incredible detail in the mold, right down to the take down pins and accessory rail. Another great feature are the belt loops, they are not the flimsy things you are used to on a kydex holster. These bad boys are tough; they are made from tough dense plastic instead of kydex.

I have a rare trait in my DNA enabling me to break and destroy about any equipment I buy or I use. I have broken Kydex rigs from several of the top makers and some lesser known guys. I have ripped off belt loops destroyed holster bodies, cracked mag carriers, you name it I’ve done it. But so far this rig from Detroit Concealment has surprised me. I have been wearing this rig for about 6 months, in a plain clothes law enforcement role, as well as off duty. This holster has held up very well, from getting banged around on search warrants, to being pulled, tugged ,prodded on long surveillance operations and even an off duty dirt bike crash, I’m ok don’t worry. But more surprisingly; so is the holster, and it doesn’t even look any worse for wear.

And now for something really cool, most places think like Henry Ford. What does that mean? Well “you can have any color you want, as long as it’s black”. Now don’t get me wrong all of my concealment rigs are black for a nice low signature. But with the options from Detroit Concealment I’d be proud to show my rig off. You want Kryptek Yeti with a neon pink backing? They Can do that or solid black or solid green, the options are many. And for all of you morale patch mongers, there is even an option for that, have a weapon light? There is an option for that, what I’m getting at here is that it will probably take you longer to design and order your holster, than it will for Detroit Concealment to finish and ship it. They have wait times measured in weeks not months. With many orders being filled in less than two weeks.

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One of the most important features of this type of holster for me is how well it conceals, this Detroit Concealment holster lives up to its name. It has just enough bend between the belt loops to suck it into your hip without pinching or causing pain. And since I ordered mine for a Glock 19 with a ten degree forward cant there is no issues with the butt of the pistol printing. . I can easily conceal this rig underneath a baggy T-shirt without issue.

Detroit Concealment has other great ideas listed on their website as well; such as the Glock pack that is a great idea for someone new to carrying a gun, or a seasoned pro that just got a new one. It comes with the eXFil outside the waistband holster, the iNfil inside the waistband holster and a pistol magazine carrier which sadly does not have a cool name, so I’ll call it the rEfil, all these items starting at just $125. This seems like a great idea as it gives you the options on how to carry a lifesaving tool and a reload no matter how you are dressed.

New to the website is the addition of AR500 Armor which you can see a review of here  as well as plate carriers. This is a great option for legally armed civilians or law enforcement because some advanced level training requires that you have armor to attend. I have a plate carrier with AR500 armor in my car set up as an active shooter response rig. AR500 is very affordable and works very well; several different options are listed on the site

In closing if you need a rig as tough and resilient as the city it’s named after, with options for lights, cant, colors, and patches, you need to check out Detroit Concealment.

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