Darrel Ralph’s DGT Gear: Uncommon Goods for the Uncommon Man

If you’ve been reading Breach-Bang-Clear since our early days you know we’re fans of (and friends with) custom knife maker Darrel Ralph of Darrel Ralph Designs. Darrel has been making knives since 1987 (his first project was a balisong) who frequently says “form follows function,” with an emphasis on the verb in the middle. A former machinist for Fortune 500 companies with a background in art, DDR recently moved from Ohio to Texas and set up shop. That was the first of several changes at DDRAFHQ (DDR’s Awesome Fucking Head Quarters), all of them good. Changes in business relationships, the addition of new craftsmen, and other improvements have helped Darrel focus on his passion — building knives — and given him time to get his newest endeavor started: DGT Gear, the “next great American gear company.” Darrel and his crew of machinists, designers and craftsmen intend to build tactical, survival and EDC gear for what they call Uncommon Man. In fact, they’ve already started doing it.

Darrel Ralph Designs - DGT Gear 08

None of the new projects sacrifice the quality or innovation that earned him a place building blades and jewelry for The Expendables and earned him a cult-like following in military circles (not to mention numerous NSNs).

There are only a few tools currently listed in the DGTG store so far, but that’s because they just launched. You can read about his Go Tools, Fist Bump necker, Dart Survival Knife and other items there, or follow them on Instagram for constant updates (@darrel_ralph_ddr). There you’ll see pictures of his new carbon fiber folders, beard tools and matching carbon fiber pens. You’ll see handmade, custom crafted knives and tools of Stellite, Mokuti, Titanium, Damascus, Copper, ZircaTi and other metals, all as gorgeous as you’d expect of something slaked in liberal tears before being polished with unicorn semen and buffed with its mane.

This is how we feel when we open a DDR folder.

Darrel Ralph Designs DGT Gear sword and the sorcerer

Darrel Ralph Designs - DGT Gear 07

Darrel Ralph Designs - DGT Gear 06

Darrel Ralph Designs - DGT Gear 05

Darrel Ralph Designs - DGT Gear 04

Go visit the man once called the “Wizard of Edge” at SHOT Show, booth #6511. Be forewarned, he’s nice and approachable but doesn’t have much patience for bullshit.


Darrel Ralph Designs - DGT Gear 02

Darrel Ralph Designs - DGT Gear 03

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