Custom Knife Strops from “Wicked Products”


Real men don’t take their knives to be sharpened by a service. Real men use a strop! Check out this small American business: Wicked Products.

Grunts: strop

Wicked Products hand builds custom knife strops. They typically use woods like maple or oak and rawhide leather, but also use rarer types of wood when available. A wide variety of styles and sizes are available: 12″, 18″, 24″, rough leather side up, smooth leather side up, suede- or paracord-wrapped handles, or with attached beads (often skulls). They come with leather lanyards (some with copper lanyard savers), are single- or double-sided, and come pre-loaded with chromium oxide, diamond paste or diamond spray (if you want to really do it up right).


Costs vary from $35 to $200 depending on what options you choose.

Here’s a look at some of their past work:

Wicked Products Custom Knife Strops

1. 24″ Double sided smooth/rough with paracord wrapped handle/lanyard with skull bead.

2. 18″ single sided rough with paracord wrapped handle/lanyard with skull bead.

3. 18″ pair. One smooth, one rough. Paracord wrapped handle/lanyard with skull beads.

4. 18″ double (will come with suede wrapped handle and leather lanyard).

5. 18″ single (will come with suede wrapped handle and leather lanyard.

6. 18″ pair. One smooth, one rough (will come with suede wrapped handle and leather lanyard).

7. Double sided no handle pack style.

8. Small 15″ double, plastic dipped handle, lanyard with skull bead.

WicketProducts-CustomKnifeStrops11 WicketProducts-CustomKnifeStrops10 WicketProducts-CustomKnifeStrops9


WicketProducts-CustomKnifeStrops8 WicketProducts-CustomKnifeStrops7
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WicketProducts-CustomKnifeStrops4 WicketProducts-CustomKnifeStrops3 WicketProducts-CustomKnifeStrops2 WicketProducts-CustomKnifeStrops1
Freedom Rifle 1

They do also offer other services, including knife sharpening and customization. The latter includes water graphic transfers, acid dipping, stone washing and knife break down and cleaning. There are some short knife review videos on their Facebook page – no website yet, though hopefully that’s coming soon.



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