Crossbreed Holsters are a Breed Apart

By Dr. John

You’ve heard the cliché’, “I’ve got a box full of holsters, but I’m still searching for just the right design to do what I want a holster to do.” Well, my search is over.

Back in 2005 when entrepreneur Mark Craighead tired of his overflowing box of holsters that did not work, he created Crossbreed Holsters. His holster designs are made for both inside the waist carry and outside the waist band carry for functional concealment or just regular carry. These holsters are simple, well made, hand-crafted, durable, attractive, molded for the exact gun, well fitting and comfortable on the waist.

In a true, full bore SHTF scenario I doubt anybody is going to be checking for a carry permit, but until that happens having the paperwork is a good idea. Then you can choose the option of carrying a weapon truly hidden by the legal definition of concealment, or just on the waist under an over shirt or not. Crossbreed holsters work either way.

For my work and observation days afield, I just wear the holster out over my pants. I argue just having a visible method of defense could serve as a deterrent in and of itself. I also just prefer having that pistol butt where I can grab it.

To this end, I picked out three models of the Outside Waist Band versions to test out. I have the Snapslide, Minislide, and the Superslide for the Beretta Storm Sub-Compact, the Smith and Wesson .380 Bodyguard, and a standard 1911 full sized pistol. I have worn all three holsters both integrated with my pants belt and also with an additional over-belt. Either mode works, but frankly having a dedicated belt for the slide holster works best.

These holsters are made of a high quality cowhide or horsehide back panel onto which is attached a specific molded Kydex holster sleeve. Each holster is hand made to precisely fit the exact model of the firearm the customer owns. These are not generic holsters or one size fits all types. They are not numbered for a general size range.

The Crossbreed models are slotted to fit a belt on the waist and can be positioned forward or back to make a quick reach comfortable for the end user. Some models have extra slots so a handgun cant can be adjustable on the waist.

In addition to the Outside the Waist Band models, Crossbreed also makes four models of the Inside the Waist Band models. They also make an Alternative Carry holster, magazine carriers, bedside firearm holders and a special line of high quality belts. All models are suitable for Bug In or Out prepper plans.

A bonus for all Crossbreed customers is their policy of letting buyers use the holster for two weeks to fully check it out. If it doesn’t satisfy the customer, then Crossbreed with buy it back. I doubt they get many returns.

If there is any doubt that a Crossbreed Holster can hang onto a pistol, forget it. As I used each holster I insert the firearm, turn it upside down and tried to shake the gun out. Obviously I did not toss it across the room or bounce it off the wall. Get real. Not once did the molded Kydex let go of the gun. However, when positioned on the waist in the proper manner, the firearm can be easily extracted from the holster using a firm grip and withdrawal.

So, next time when I am out in the Bug Out brush for hunting, scouting, observation or security, I will be carrying a sidearm in a Crossbreed Holster. I bet if you try one, you’ll find its function suitable to your needs. Check out all the Crossbreed products on their web site at

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