Costa Ludus Law Enforcement Division – with Will Petty

We were doing some research this evening (a scholarly pursuit into the finer points of hoplology) when we stumbled across an excellent bit of news — Costa Ludus has apparently brought none other than William Petty aboard to head up that organization’s newly established “Law Enforcement Training Division.” Petty will ramrod LE, MIL and and specialty .gov only classes, help develop curriculum and of course assist with regular handgun, carbine and vehicle courses.

This makes us happier than a dancing mom with two new boobs.

Costa Ludus LE Training

Things have been going gangbusters (note: not gangbangers) for Chris Costa for some time now. His training facility, based in Thayne, Wyoming, has had packed classes one after the other, he got a cool dog and finally even his own IMDB page. The addition of William Petty to Costa Ludus is, in our mind, a Good Thing (not least because Petty’s career as an Asian Lucha Libre fighter was pretty much a non-starter).  Our initial intention was to go on at length about what we like about both men and how much we’ve enjoyed training with and learning from Chris (as some of our minions have) and Will (which many of our minions have). However that seemed an unnecessary solecism.

We’d lie to you, sure, just not about training or gear.

Costa Ludus LE Training - Will Petty 2

Grunts: solecism.

You can check the Costa Ludus LE Division schedule right here.



Here’s the boss talking about a Costa class a few years back:

Here’s Nate talking about Will from just a few weeks back:




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