Condoms, IFAK’s and Blowout Kits

CLEER medical went direct to companies like North American Rescue, Rusch, Celox and other medical manufacturers and had those companies existing product line redesigned with a compact medkit in mind. The results are exclusively sized products, which allow for a form factor that is different from the typical off the shelf solution.


Not only is the packaging smaller, it is designed with a focus on accessing supplies in minimal but efficient movements that can be done in dark, bloody and in stressful situations.

Notice the large and easily accessible pull tabs.
Notice the large and easily accessible pull tabs.

Fine motor controls go out the window under high stress. Further muscle damage may result in limited mobility. Using a pull-tab system, the kit slides out of a sleeve, so only your gross motor skills are required to access the internals.

In a unique strategy, they have removed the tourniquet from the inner kit and placed it outside for rapid access utilizing the Eleven 10 Rigid TQ Case.  This offers users the option of buying the kit only should they already have a TQ standardized, or an optimized method of TQ access should they not.. When purchased as part of the combo kit the Eleven 10 can be attached to chest rigs, back packs via MOLLE, or belts via a series of options. With a simple grip and rip your first line of defense against blood loss is quickly available.

Package_CYT__88771.1399477978.1280.128060% of all preventable deaths come from arm and leg bleeding, accessing your tourniquet needs to be as fast. CLEER Medical and the mini blowout kit combined with an Eleven 10 rigid TQ case make it as and as easy as accessing a magazine in battle.

Doing it Right:

The kit contains the same types of elements I have run in each of my EDC medkits. These items are what many consider to be the bare bones tools for stopping life-threatening blood loss.

Basic Version of the CLEER Medical MBOK with TQ:

  • CLEER Medical Trauma Bandage (4″ x 24″ Flat Packed compression dressing)
  • Celox Rapid (3″ x 24″ Z-Fold)
  • FOXSeal Occlusive Dressing (Contains 2 Chest Seals)
  • North American Rescue Tan Bear Claw Gloves (1 Pair of Large sized gloves)
  • CLEER Medical Easy Tape (4 – 2″ x 12″ Strips of 3M Durapore medical tape on easy release backers)
  • Eleven 10 RIGID TQ Case for the CAT (Coyote with RCS Paddle)
  • North American Rescue CAT Tourniquet
  • Raven Concealment Systems 2 Finger Moduloader Frame with Paddle attachment
Advanced Kit
Advanced Kit

To get all this packed in a 5″ x 3.5″ x 1.75 pouch weighing under 9 oz.’s is unheard of. That is until you look at the companies they teamed up with here, then its not surprising. Many of us have tried and know the strength as well as weight advantages behind the Blue Force Gear Whisper MOLLE system that makes up the shell of the pouch. Add to that a Raven Concealment mounting solution for quick attachment to a belt, and the result is lightweight and compact sexiness (like my wife).

Basic Kit
Basic Kit

Sure you could add more items to the kit but stateside in many cases help is not far away relatively speaking. Immediate concentration needs to be a focused on blood loss and breathing until medical professionals are on scene. Having a kit like this will give you what you need for varied circumstances including bullet wounds, knife wounds, car accidents, work place incidents to any number of other scenarios that are 10 times more likely to occur than self-defense scenarios.

Best of all this is being done out of a Midwest-based company that is Veteran employed and using American built products to save American lives. There are no Chinese sowing or sketchy foreign military components.


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