Company Spotlight: Raven Concealment

The NEW Vanguard Advanced Kit
The NEW Vanguard Advanced Kit

This understanding of the market is what has driven Raven Concealment to make products that are ahead of the curve. They are the inventors of the Vanguard holster. The Vanguard is a minimal bulk trigger guard holster for deep cover IWB, purse or bag, as well as my personal favorite, in a center console or glove box. This line has been expanded from the “Original Vanguard” to the “Vanguard 2” and most recently an “Vanguard 2 Advanced” that takes from the success of the Eidolon’s claw and overhooks.


Which leads us to their flagship product and the holster that has taken the community by storm, the Eidolon. Based on the Greek word for a specter or phantom, the Eidolon is marketed as the holster you will never see coming. Designed as a holster that is designed to completely disappear on its wearer, more than a few people have been shocked by the number of parts and attachments that come with the full kit. It is more reminiscent of my childhood erector set than any holster I have ever seen. Look for a full review on the Eidolon coming in the next two weeks or so.

Make holes and patch holes all with help of Raven Concealment

Outside of these flagship products, we have seen the same quality and attention applied to other every day carry (EDC type tools. Raven was instrumental in the manufacture of Eleven 10’s tourniquet holsters for paramedics, responsible citizens and LEO’s. Indeed, it was my interaction with that product for a medical review that opened the door to my discussion with Chappy.

Let’s not forget to mention the Moduloader pocket shield. A product that is so incredibly basic yet functional, it makes me kick myself for not thinking of it.

While these standard off the shelf solutions have become the backbone of the company, Raven has not forgotten their history of making premium handcrafted Kydex holsters in their custom shop. If you have a specific need for a firearm, light, cant, edged implement or other special case scenario, their team of American craftsman can take your order and develop a solution based on materials and subject matter knowledge.

This is similar to my load out.
This is similar to my load out.

I know 100% of the product is made here in the USA by veterans and local workers located in the Midwest, so that makes Raven Concealment a top choice when looking to spend my hard earned money.

We know you have lots of choices from who to buy. We at Gat Daily try hard to balance price vs. craftsmanship and offer reviews on both made in America products and those shipped in from outside countries. Nothing makes me happier than when we can find a local, American company that has developed cost-effective solutions allowing them to compete with inexpensive foreign labor. For this reason and many more, Raven is my go-to for Glock holsters and hopefully soon for a few more products as well.

You can purchase Raven Concealment Holsters and Gear from a local Retailer like Ann Arbor Arms as well as direct from Raven via their website:

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