Colt drops first line of handheld and mounted weapon lights

Connecticut gun maker Colt introduced its very first line of handheld and integral-mount weapon lights this week, just ahead of the gun industry’s annual trade show.

The new line-up includes eight total models that the company calls reliable, rugged and durable in the field. “These robustly designed lights can withstand the rigors of daily use while providing superior visibility when environmental light is low to extremely dark,” says Tan Woo, Colt’s lead design engineer.

“Now Colt enthusiasts have an answer for their illumination needs – be it for hunting, training, or law enforcement and security duty,” he says.

The handheld series takes a tactical approach with the ever popular all-black color scheme and ominous sounding names such as Judge and Peacemaker. All handheld models are water resistant and feature a scratch-proof lens. The Peacemaker outputs 1,200 lumens using four CR123 batteries, while the Judge lights the way with 800 lumens and just two CR123 batteries. Handheld flashlight fans can nab the Peacemaker for $219.50 and the Judge for $129.50.

If a backup light is all that’s needed, Colt has that covered too with the AMRAM Mictrotac series. The AM100 and AM200 output 100 and 200 lumens and also feature water resistant technology. The AM100 retails for $59.50 while the AM200 goes for $69.50.

Rounding out the light options are the weapons-mounted systems: the Microtac M-Scepter and Predator series. Equipped with a scratch and break resistant lens, both light models are waterproof offering durability in the field. The Microtac MS is offered in either 170 lumens or 400 lumens and retails between $229 and $259. All Predator models feature a green light in addition to the standard white light. That series comes in either 100 lumens or 200 lumens and retails between $194 and $208. The Microtac MS and Predator are powered by AA or AAA batteries depending on model.

Colt lights are available through the company’s dedicated light website.

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