A close-up on an obscure Norwegian ‘black rifle’ with a long history

Eric with IV8888 looks at an important part of Scandinavian military arms– the black-painted Norwegian M1774/1841/51 pillar breech musket.

The particular example that Eric has started off as a smoothbore dog lock flintlock in the 18th Century but was converted to percussion caps in 1841. A decade later the gun was updated to the now-forgotten pillar breech design which used the Tamisier conical bullet fired out of a rifled barrel.

This latter variant was replaced by the “kammerlader” or “chamber-loader” underhammer system.

You do know kammerlader, yes? If not, watch the video, Eric touches on that too.

Source Article from http://www.guns.com/2017/03/31/a-close-up-on-an-obscure-norwegian-black-rifle-with-a-long-history/

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