Chest Candy: A Tiny Golden .50 Cal (VIDEO)

Sure, you don’t need one but a 1/3 scale replica of a Barrett .50-cal worthy of a budget Scrooge McDuck just hit the market for less than $50 bucks. Made by GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) Guns, the miniature .50 is called “Chest Candy” and the company warns that “this Gold-digger is known to ruin relationships for its beauty.”

With working parts, the $44 die-cast replica includes an adjustable bipod, a detachable magazine with three alloy (non-firing) rounds similarly shrunken to scale, muzzle brake and scope. Also, it could be one of the few California-legal .50s!

GOAT makes all sorts of model rifles ranging from Mini Steyrs, ARs and AKs to Thompsons and SVDs.

And yes, they even had a gold Kalash for those with a little mustached tyrant side.

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