Cheek Weld Wednesday

adults only NSFW

 ALCON: It’s Cheek Weld Wednesday yet again.  Mad Duo


Cheek Weld Wednesday is NNSFW (Not Necessarily Safe For Work). As we mention every time we do this feature (‘cuz we copy and paste, actually), we named it “Cheek Weld Wednesday” because didn’t want your interwebz filters to stop it – which they’d do if we called it “EPIC ASS WEDNESDAY.” Today we celebrate bombosity by enjoying the callypigian features of women in all our favorite flavors (blonde, brunette and redhead).

Grunts: bombosity and callipygian. Sometime today we need you to use one or both in a sentence.

Oh, and remember – if you have time to ogle these cheek welds, you can take some time to help out a good cause – like The Boot Campaign maybe.

CheekWeld_Ass (1)

CheekWeld_Ass (1)

Life is Fucking Great Ad - Dead Terrorists Master

CheekWeld_Ass (13)


This has been another installment of Cheek Weld Wednesday, brought to you by those of the Mad Duo minions who are ‘ass men’. Please remember to support the businesses of JTF Awesome and read our serious stuff too – we don’t wake up every morning planning on being awesome, it just always seems to work out that way. Now go read something educational and edifying – like this article about breathing and shooting.

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