Check out the new 9mm Defender Glock mag carbine

MasterPiece Arms is expanding on the new model Defender series with a 9mm Luger carbine that uses Glock-pattern magazines. Called the MPA20DMG, this carbine combines a machined aluminum lower with a standard Defender upper in a carbine configuration.

The MPA20DMG is built around a 16.2-inch barrel that threaded for common 1/2-28 muzzle devices and comes equipped with a beefy ported compensator. The front is toothed for use as a standoff device. Running down the length of the barrel is a free-floating quad rail for accessories like the Strike Industries angled foregrip shown.

The handguard has an inner diameter of 1.57 inches for anyone thinking about using it to build a suppressed SBR. The inner diameter of the rail is wide enough to accommodate just about all 9mm suppressors.

A folding stock is standard for the MPA20DMG and places the integrated sights right into the sight line. The rails aren’t particularly optimized for use with raised optics or sights so if you want to put aftermarket sights on the carbine you’ll have to find short low-profile sights and flush-sitting optics.

One element of the Defender design is a side charging handle that makes room for a receiver-mounted flattop rail that’s a perfect place to mount a mini red dot sight. For a gun like this a red dot is tops no matter what the carbine’s application is, whether it’s fun at the range or as a serious self-defense gun, and an MRDS will install without the need of any risers to line it up with the sight plane.

For self-defense pistol-caliber carbines have a lot of appeal. The added barrel length increases projectile velocity substantially, making them more effective shot for shot than handguns. They’re also easier to aim and recoil is a non-issue. And anyone concerned about shooting indoors, like inside the home, pistol-caliber carbines offer less flash and report than similar-size intermediate-caliber carbines like ARs and AKs.

And capacity isn’t an issue with the sizeable Glock magazine market. Glock mags are inexpensive and common and come in a wide spread of capacities from standard pistol magazines to extended stick mags and drums.

MasterPiece Arms brings the MPA20DMG to market in a variety of Cerakote color finishes. The standard finish is tungsten but it is also offered in sniper green, gunmetal grey, flat dark earth and of course black.

The MPA20DMG is priced at $966 and that price includes a hard case and one extended Glock magazine where available. They’re currently entering production and right now MasterPiece Arms is expecting a four to five-week turnaround on orders placed today.

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