Check out this beautiful customized M931 truck (VIDEO)

Jim Zdunic turned a lot of heads when he rolled into the Knob Creek machine gun shoot in April 2017 with his beautiful custom neon green M931 AM General truck. I was lucky to get a little tour and hear the story behind how he and his wife came to own it.

In the summer of 2015, Jim and his wife, Michelle, drove from their home in Cincinnati, Ohio to Jacksonville, Florida for a vacation with some friends. Near Jacksonville, Michelle spotted the M931 truck for sale on the side of the road. They stopped and checked it out. Michelle really liked it. Neither of them knew anything about vehicles like this, so they were hesitant to buy it.

They continued to their resort where Jim went online and found a website called Steel Soldiers. It’s focus was on military hardware such as the truck they’d seen. Many of the members owned de-militarized vehicles  and members were able to post questions in a forum area where other members could respond. It was essentially an online community of people who were extremely passionate about old military vehicles. Jim and Michelle realized that this site could serve as a vital source of information about the truck they’d seen but there was still hesitation on Jim’s part. He knew how to fix a regular car, but a truck like that was something else. Michelle told him she wasn’t returning home without the truck!

So, they made a few phone calls and the next thing you know, they’re driving their “new” M931 truck back to Cincinnati. It took two days at 55 miles per hour and cost approximately $300 worth of diesel fuel.

They’ve been enjoying the truck ever since. Michelle loves driving it. It has power steering, automatic transmission, is very dependable and always starts a conversation. They particularly like the neon green paint job.

They made a Facebook page for their truck that they nicknamed V-Rex, and they often attend veteran events to give rides and show support.

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