CAPTAC Next Gen Identification Review

Metal and leather have been 2 of the most used materials in guns and holsters since their creation. It was not long ago nobody knew the word Kydex. In the last few years however Kydex has exploded and is for many the go-to choice for EDC carry.

Kydex has become so popular for holsters because it is lightweight, customizable, inexpensive to work with and possible to infuse graphics on. Those same advantages in the holster market are carrying over to a new product thanks to Captac.

CAPTAC is an American based manufacturer of Kydex clips for hats and MOLLE gear. These clips are used for a wide range of practical or ornamental applications.


CAPTAC currently offers 2 different product lines.

Hat Clips

Designed from a single piece of Kydex the CAPTAC Hat clips are designed to be worn on the brim of the hat. The heptagonal design is shaped to fit with the natural curvature of the brim but will also work on the rim of the hat as well.

Clips come in standard designs that include tactical, hunting, bmx and breast cancer awareness. In addition to the stock options, they offer a high-quality printing custom option. This allows for a custom logo, branding, clubs, and memorials. I have seen team members as well as family pets memorialized by these hat clips making every hat you wear customized to you.



As single piece designed Kydex for attachment to MOLLE or PALS webbing. Due to the unique design of the M-BLOX you’re not going to get a clip that comes off easily. This is great for rough usage where Velcro patches may get pulled off.

11373916_677993648967087_515181402_nDue to the tactical nature of MOLLE and Pals gear the focus on the M-BLOX is blood types, allergy and pouch designation. These work great for gear that does not already offer Velcro attachment points or for admin pouches or med kit bags you want to designate specifically

Lifetime Warranty

Each product is made from reinforced Kydex and offers a lifetime warranty. This means if it ever cracks or breaks you can send in your Hat Clip or M-BLOX for replacement.


Shameless author photo with CAPTAC and RUDY glasses.

We had a few custom graphic hat clips done in combination with standard designs as well as a medical M-BLOX. These have been running on my med kit as you likely have seen on our Instagram feed as well as on multiple hats. We are even giving one away at the end of this article.

The products shipped 3 days after ordering, and that included the ones that had our 248Shooter Logo on them. Hat clips were $9.95 for both standard and custom designs with their current sale. M-BLOX was $7.95.

At least twice the hat clips have been exposed to torrential downpours followed by extreme sun and heat. Due to the waterproof nature of the Kydex the clips have held up to weather and the sun without an issue. There has been no noticeable fading from one clip to the other.

My M-BLOX have been in and out of several bags as well as exposed to high temperatures in the car with no detrimental effect. They have not seen near as much sun as the Hat Clips but have been exposed to more banging around in the back of cars and storage rooms.

My purposes for these have been primarily cosmetic though I like the M-BLOX for my medkit. While we did not beat on these extremely hard you can see that we exposed them to typical conditions that most users will experience.

They have not chipped, deformed, faded or fallen loose from either my hat or MOLLE strap. While this is certainly not the flashiest product we have reviewed, I can certainly see a place for it in both practical and cosmetic environments.

You can get your standard or customized hat clips or M-BLOX directly from CAPTAC here:

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