Canadian compliant guns: Part 3 (VIDEO)

In this segment of Guns in Canada, Adam and Ben discuss a few pistols available to Canadian shooters.

These include a Sig 239. For a compact pistol like this to be legal in Canada, it must have a barrel length of 106mm. This makes it restricted but not prohibited. All handguns fall into the resticted category in Canada meaning you need a special license to own it and you must be a member or have a friend who is a member of a shooting club to actually fire it.

Another firearm is the Para Ordnance 1911 GI. Para Ordnance originally was a Canadian company founded in 1985. It moved to US in 2009 and became Para USA.

The last pistol is Glock 17 Gen 4. It is extremely popular in Canada as it is around the world. Magazine capacity is limited to 10-rounds in Canada. Many companies make special 10-round magazines, as shown in the video, or are pinned to 10-rounds by inserting a metal pin.

This is Part 3 of a 3 part video series entitled Guns in Canada. Enjoy.

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