So BuzzFeed attempted to run the ‘John Wick’ 3 Gun course (VIDEO)

BuzzFeed went down to study under Taran Butler of Taran Tactical to see if they could beat Keanu Reeves’ viral video from John Wick 2.

As you may remember, Keanu/John’s video surfaced about a year ago when the Wick sequel, now in theaters, was still in production. In it, the quiet professional actor cleared 19 targets in 19 seconds like a beast. Well, BuzzFeed sent Josh Davis and Sherial McKinney to the same Simi Valley school he trained at to attempt the same thing, only faster.

The thing was, they only had a day to get it down.

The secret to success on pistolcraft (wait for it, it will blow your mind) is related as follows:

“First we had to work on our stance, and then our draw. The draw is important because he had to make sure we do it quickly, but also safely,” said Davis. “Once we got that down and we felt comfortable with it, we got into shooting live ammo. We would do it over and over and over and over and over and over until we had it down. Seems like it wouldn’t be hard but you are learning all these steps individually that you then have to put together to be one solid fluid action.”

In the end, they didn’t do that bad and managed to keep politics out of the commentary. Just some good, clean 3 Gun.

But did they get 19 in 19? Well…

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