Burris RT-6 Riflescope: First Look

Burris Optics recently announced the release of the RT-6 scope which is their newest low magnification optic designed with 3 gun shooters in mind. The optic features a 1-6X magnification with a 24 mm objective lens and a standard 30mm body tube and is built to allow shooters to quickly engage targets out to distances of 600 yards.

The scope is designed to be slightly shorter than many 1-4X optics on the market but with a slight increase in magnification abilities. Burris has long been known as an industry leader in developing affordable and innovative optics that all feature a no questions asked lifetime warranty.

The market for lower powered optics that feature an illuminated reticle is as hot as ever right now and coming off the heals of SHOT Show 2017 I can tell you that the trend is not slowing down anytime soon. There have been no fewer than half a dozen new 1-6X optics on the market but few if any will compete with Burris’s price range, and durability.

When you consider the competition that Burris faces in this market and the price ranges of the few 1-6X scopes we have featured you can see that the Burris is at the lower end of the price spectrum but at the top in terms of overall quality. Lets take a second to go over the details of this newest offering from the Greeley, Colorado based Burris Optics

Specifications & Details:

Model: RT-6

Manufacturer: Burris Optics

Reticle Type: Burris Ballistic AR

Magnification: 1x-6x

Tube Diameter: 30 mm

Objective Lens Diameter: 24 mm

Ocular Lens Diameter: 46mm

Length: 10.3″

Weight: 17.4 oz

Illumination Control: Rotary Dial with battery saver stops between each setting

Illumination Settings: 11

Battery Type: CR2032

Finish: Matte

Price: $230.79

Image:GAStatic.Com Ballistic AR Reticle Shown

The RT-6 1x-6x 24mm hits the open market with a manufacturers suggested retail price of only $230.79 and that is a real eye opener when you see how it stacks up against other optics like the Eotech Vudu. When you consider that you can purchase this optic as well as build a gun to put it on and have some money left over for ammunition or magazines it really brings the point home. There are some people that will scoff at this optic because it isn’t a different brand but to me its all about bang for the buck and at $230 for a optic to offer me a 1x-6X variable power optic and a no questions asked warranty, I’m all ears.

I was in the market for quite a while for a lower powered optic that wouldn’t break my wallet but offer me a quality build with an excellent warranty. I was fortunate enough to be able to do an extended test and evaluation project on the Primary Arms 1x-6X Generation III optic so I wasn’t currently in the market for a low powered optic when I found this gem hiding in plain sight. In our opinion the PA 1-6X is the closest competition that the Burris RT-6 would face in the same market segment.

It’s a good thing I don’t have to choose a new optic right now, with the three leading candidates in the affordable priced optics market being the Primary Arms Generation III, Nikon Blackforce and this Burris RT-6 all on the market it would be a tough choice.

Are you in the market for a 3 gun optic ? What are your thoughts on the current batch of 1-6X scopes we have featured recently ? If you had to choose only one, which one would it be and why ? This should be an interesting topic for debate here on the site.

Feature Image:BurrisOptics.Com

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