Bullseye Camera Systems Announces the Bullseye AmmoCam


After almost 2 months of testing 248Shooter just released the review of the Bullseye Camera Systems Long Distance Target Camera.

We are very excited to follow up that review with breaking news from BCS. Today they have announced a new short range camera system called the Bullseye AmmoCam Sight-in Edition. Available for pre-order now with shipping expected Dec 1st of this year.

Check out this excerpt from their press release.

The Bullseye AmmoCam™ Sight-In Edition is a fully self-contained unit that weighs only 5 lbs. and is the perfect solution to those shooting and sighting in at 300 yards or less. Simply set the unit down range, flip the switch on and start shooting. The system is weather resistant, has a 12+ hour battery life and supports iPhone, iPad, Android Devices and Windows-based laptops. It also allows multiple users to connect to the system to track shooting progress.

The idea of having such a small self contained unit capable of recording shots up to 300 yards offers a huge advantage to shooters. This is the type of product easy to transport that makes shooting with kids or old timers much more fun.

Retailing at $349 and currently only available from http://www.bullseyecamera.com


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