Brutal confession of ISIS warrior: ‘You want to kill’

An ISIS deserter has claimed he fled the terrorist organisation because he was appalled at the level of violence and their willingness to kill innocent women and children. Abu Almouthanna, 27, escaped from Syria across the border to Turkey where he is under the constant threat of death.

The Syrian national said he had spent three years fighting against the Basher al-Assad regime when he was eventually forced to join ISIS.

He said after joining ISIS he was paid $150 a month in wages but was forced to adhere to strict rules, the breaching of which would lead to a death sentence.

He told Fox News that he had no problem in killing Christians, Kurds and Yazidis, but he had issues with attacking rival jihadis and their families.

Almouthanna was jailed by al-Assad’s regime in 2012 for 10 months where he was routinely tortured. Following his release, he joined the Free Syrian Army. Then, he later joined the al-Qaeda-linked Jabhat al Nusra.

However, when they were attacked by ISIS, he decided to join the hard-line terror group.

He said: ‘I was happy to move to ISIS. They had the most money and the best weapons, but other than that they were just the same.’

He claimed he was sent to a terrorist training camp run by Chechens and Afghans, where he made contacts with several European fighters. He said three Frenchmen and a Briton were particularly chilling.

He said: ‘From Day One, they joked about cutting heads and making the enemy pay.’

Almouthanna spent 14 months fighting for ISIS between Raqqa and Deir ez Sor, fighting mostly the Free Syrian Army.

He claimed that battles led by the Chechens were the most organised as they were the most tactically aware, whereas Libyans preferred hand-to-hand fighting.

Most battles began with a wave of suicide bombings.

However, after the battle, ISIS fighters routinely murdered innocent women and children.

He said that prisons in Raqqa were filled with ‘enemies’ of ISIS, but that included fighters who had broken the terror organisation’s strict rules.

Almouthanna told Fox News that he made his decision to leave following the five-week battle for Markada.

He said: ‘By the end, we were killing everything and everyone, including women and children in surrounding villages or left in the town.’

Almouthanna denied that he was involved in killing innocent civilians although admitted that if ISIS ever found him he would be executed.

The terrorist army, which includes senior leaders from Saddam Hussein’s military, is infested with spies who report anyone whose resolve could be weakening, Almouthanna said.

He asked his emir, or commanding officer, for two days off to visit home, then drove to the Turkish border and melted into that nation’s population. He knows what will happen if he is caught by his old comrades.

“The punishment for leaving is death,” he said.

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