Blue Force Gear’s “ULoop” and Horizontal Ten-Speed Pouches

Last night we gathered around a table full of styrofoam plates at Nancy’s Squat ‘n ‘Gobble, eatin’ off the spaghetti buffet, watchin’ the dancers and wondering if the ghost of Large Marge would make an appearance. Suddenly we realized it: we’d gotten so drunk at the Circle Bar during the blizzard layover the weekend after SHOT we never got around to writing about Blue Force Gear. Given how much we like their Ten Speed pouches (and how good Hilliard’s ass looks in those bike shorts), this could not stand.

For 2016, Blue Force Gear wanted to showcase their new ULoop sling attachment and Horizontal Ten-Speed Pouch. Here they be.

Let’s hit the ULoop first. The ULoop or “Uber Loop” as the mad scientists at BFG are calling it, is a QD (quick-detach) version of their very popular Universal Loop but configured a bit differently this time. The ULoop features a much shorter wire loop for close application to the host weapon and to ease in threading it through smaller eyelets, such as those typically found on HK, SIG and FN weapons.

Blue Force Gear 2 Blue Force Gear 1 Blue Force Gear 3

Additionally, almost any modern AR handguard with open slots can be fixed with a ULoop sling attachment. The wire loop simply slides back through a hole on the body and securely snaps into place onto the body. The ULoop is pretty versatile; we see it being used on everything from MP5s to cinching a piece of gear down. Hell, with the ULoop only costing $12 bucks, we might pick up a couple extras to hold our keys. They’re available now in black, but a coyote brown/tan version is coming very soon.

ULoop Installation Instructions TF

Next up is the new Blue Force Gear Horizontal Ten-Speed Pouch…and we like anything that’s horizontal. Just ask the nice working girls down on the casino floor.

Blue Force Gear took their extremely popular and widely used Ten-Speed Triple Mag Pouch and flipped that bad boy 90 degrees for quicker access to the gear you need most fastest. Blue Force Gear says they’re challenging the age-old notion that magazine pouches are only to be configured one way, and the Duo likes where their head is at on this one.

Blue Forge Gear 4

Says Blue Force Gear,

“Horizontal magazines add to even faster reloading, even if you are already using blazing Ten-Speed reloads. By mounting the magazines horizontally, there is a shorter distance for the mag to travel from the pouch to the weapon. More importantly, there is no longer the need to re-orient the mag 180° in midair while reloading. When the mag is removed from the Horizontal Ten-Speed Pouch, the mag only needs to rotate 45° (or less, if you normally rotate the weapon inboard while reloading). This provides a more natural, fluid motion that shows on a shot timer. Another major advantage of the Horizontal Ten-Speed Pouch is that it can be mounted higher on an armor carrier or vest.  This frees up additional space on the front of your vest for other items that need immediate access.”

The Horizontal Ten-Speed Pouch is also available now for $55 and comes in all of your favorite tactical flavors such as MultiCam, Coyote Brown, Wolf, Black and more.

We’re eager to get our our hands on all of this sweet gear. You guys can grab some yourselves by checking out Blue Force Gear here and following them on Facebook here.

You should see this from the trail position.
You should see this from the trail position.


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