BLUE FORCE GEAR: Basic Micro Trauma Kit Now for Everyday Carry

Blue Force Gear®, the designer and manufacturer of weapon slings and tactical equipment, is continuing their mission to change the mindset of everyday carry (EDC) by adding a basic trauma supply option to their Micro Trauma Kit NOW! (MicroTKN!) product line.

With the overwhelming popularity and success of the MicroTKN!, which was first released at SHOT Show 2017, Blue Force Gear®  saw a need for a kit which had critical lifesaving tools that was even more accessible in both cost and the level of recommended training.

“Our goal is to put the MicroTKN! on as many people as possible to create a more prepared population,” said Tom Kaleta, Director of Marketing of Blue Force Gear. “Each day seems to bring another example of why this mission is so important.  This basic kit puts lifesaving equipment which can be utilized by practically anyone to save a life.”

The MicroTKN! Basic medical supply load-out specifically designed for small-form, low-bulk applications. It is also available in two, attach and wear methods, the belt pouch and MOLLE. The new basic medical supplies option contains:

  • NuStat Tactical™ hemostatic dressing for wound packing/clotting (1 included)
  • 4” Emergency Trauma Dressing (1 included)
  • 9” Medical Grade Easy Tape (6 included)
  • Tourni-Kwik Compression Tourniquet (1 included)
  • Heavy Duty Medical Gloves (1 pair included)

The MicroTKN! is the smallest version of the Trauma Kit NOW! TM, designed to hold essential lifesaving medical supplies in a small easy-to-carry pack that takes up minimal space. The MicroTKN! is constructed with Blue Force Gear’s ULTRAcomp® and TenSpeed® elastic making it less bulky and stronger than a typical medical pouch. The inner carrier can be easily deployed with one finger or one hand from either the left or right side by pulling the BLIP™ (Ball Loaded Index Point) featured pull-tabs.

“It is simple: We made a more affordable kit that is easier to us. This furthers our vision of equipping millions of good people with the mindset, knowledge and equipment they need to help in life’s most challenging situations.” said Ashley Burnsed, CEO of Blue Force Gear.

The new MicroTKN! Basic content kit is available for $129. To learn more about the MicroTKN! or purchase the product, visit

About Blue Force Gear:

Blue Force Gear designs the best weapon slings and leads the lightweight equipment revolution with its Ten-Speed® multi-use pouches. They also revolutionized gear with their Helium Whisper® attachment system and high-performance laminate, ULTRAcomp®. Unrivaled innovation and attention to detail set Blue Force Gear apart from others in the tactical equipment industry.

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