Blitzkrieg Upgraded Luminescent Light Post Review

Just over a year ago we published our first review from Blitzkrieg components. A new manufacturer who developed a chevron front sight post to replace the standard post in tactical weapons like the AR-15. Fast forward to this year and you will find that Blitzkrieg Components has leveraged that success into more sight options as well as new products for the AR platform.

We caught up with Brian the CEO of Blitzkrieg Components at SHOT Show 2015 for a chance to look over his expanded product line. One of my favorite things from this company is the new luminescent chevron front sight post.


  • Billet 416 Stainless Steel
  • Chevron height 0.25.”
  • Fits into any AR-15 Front Sight Housing that uses a standard threaded post
  • Melonite finish
  • Five layers of paint in a machined groove
  • Chargeable via flashlight, sun or other light sources

Here is what Brian had to say about his product:

The Blitzkrieg Components AR-15 Chevron Front Sight Post (Patented) provides the ultimate iron sight picture with both a perfectly sharp aiming point and a bold, fast sight picture. The Luminescent Green model provides very effective low light capability with the bold, bright glowing chevron. Only one side of the sight is painted, so there is no glow toward the enemy. The Chevron gives the perfect blend of speed and precision.
The Chevron design has many unique advantages. The tip of the chevron gives the shooter a sharp aiming point for precise aiming, while the bold chevron shape is easy to see and pick up quickly without obscuring the target. The contrasting Luminescent Chevron Stripe gives the shooter an eye-catching sight picture that excels in both bright-light and low-light environments. Minimum adjustment for elevation is four clicks or one full rotation since the Luminescent Stripe is visible on one side so that no luminescence glows toward the enemy. The opposite side can still be used as a black chevron if desired. The Chevron Shape makes for an improved sight picture with any type of protective wings, whether using standard wings, semi-hooded HK/Troy style, fully hooded, Magpul MBUS or diamond shaped. This sight post improves the sight picture of all of those designs. It also works great when co-witnessing sights and optics.
This sight post is made to exacting tolerances and the company maintains very high standards. It is precision machined and threaded from one piece of billet 416 Stainless Steel to the tightest tolerances for an outstanding sight picture and precise fit in any AR-15 front sight housing. The sight has a melonite finish for a super hard and corrosion resistant exterior. The Luminescent Green Stripe appears more yellow in daylight and glows green in low light. It is a 5-layer paint application into a machined grove on one sight of the sight. This gives you a bright yellow contrast stripe in daylight and a bright green glowing chevron in low light and darkness. Each sight comes with a matching sight adjustment tool making installation and adjustment a snap. The tool is designed for a precise fit to this sight design and is also billet machined from 303 stainless with a melonite finish.
Glow Characteristics: The Luminescent (Glow) Chevron Stripe glows very bright when charged and the glow brightness dissipates gradually in darkness. The brighter and longer the light charge is, the brighter and longer the glow will be. Sunlight and Tactical LED flashlights give the best charge. It will glow well after just a few seconds of charge, but will glow longer with a longer charge. Typically, in total darkness after being charged you can expect it to glow very bright for 5 minutes, bright for 20-30 minutes and at a lower level for several hours. This works very well to have a very bright glow when transitioning from daylight to a dark room and as your eyes adjust to lower light levels, the lower level glow will still appear bright and very easy to pick up.


As we have reviewed the chevron sight in the past, we are going to stick to only Pro’s and Cons that differ based on this upgraded model.

What I see to be the biggest negative of this is the limited sight adjustability. Due to the bright glow put off by the sight the paint must be facing the user and not the target. As such only one side of the chevron is painted. This requires any adjustments to be done in 4 click increments.

You can see the backside of the site displays no illumination.
You can see the backside of the site displays no illumination.

Since these sights are not tritium based they do not hold a charge as long. You get an extremely bright sight for 5-10 minutes with moderately bright for 20-30 and then a visible but dull light for a few hours.


The five layers of paint combine to make a very smooth and bright front sight post. This makes the chevron highly visible in bright, low and no light situations. Tritium is a great product but can be difficult to see in brightly lit situations. Also due to the paint based nature of the product it can be formed to fit the chevron better than tritium can.

Super bright display after charging.
Super bright display after charging.

The highly luminescent product can charge in seconds using an EDC flashlight or sunlight. This makes using the product easy. While it may not be ideal for extended periods of time in low or no light situations, it is far brighter than tritium after it’s initial charge.  After adjusting your eyes to reduced light, you will find that even after a few hours it is still visible.

The sight is designed to work with all major manufacturer front sights including the A2. A special tool is included for sight adjustment, but you can resort to pliers or screwdriver if you need to in a pinch.

Used in MBUIS
Used in MBUIS

The chevron design as discussed in the non-luminescent review makes for a very fast sight acquisition. When you look at how bright this site is even after being charged for just a few seconds, you will see that this upgraded luminescent version is even easier to use in bright, low and no light situations.

 Final Thoughts:

Retailing at 44.95 this is not a cheap front post but 248Shooter readers can take 10% off all orders with code: TAKE10.  If you do any night activities like hog hunting or even competitive or tactical shooting, the extra contrast will make sight and target acquisition occur faster. When fractions of a second can mean your life or first place, the price becomes less of an issue.

The question I expect to get since we have so many DIY readers is can I do this myself. The answer is certainly a yes with a big BUT. Painting the standard chevron will only save you $10 and will not offer the deep groove or multi-layered precision painting job Blitzkrieg offers. Painting a standard front sight will certainly be an improvement but will not offer the advantages of a chevron sight and is likely to chip off quickly.

A plinker is not going to get any advantage out of this. Those who like to do low and no light training are likely to see the largest advantage, as will night hunters. I can see this getting popular with coyote hunters up north. For me it just makes sense and is going to be part of my iron sight builds.

Don’t forget the coupon code: TAKE10 for 10% off your order.


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