Bill Schuette Attorney General Supports our Rights

Several weeks ago I emailed all our state representatives related to the proposed anti 2nd Amendment legislation. Much to my disappointment many of our representatives showed that they care more for a perception of safety then for the constitution that protects our freedoms.

I was happy to receive a letter from our Attorney General that supports the 2nd Amendment and looks to protect our rights as free citizens. Here is what was sent:
Thank you for contacting me regarding various proposals concerning the ownership of firearms being discussed at both the state and federal levels. I appreciate hearing from you.

My wife and I are the parents of two children and the safety of our children and the safety of Michigan citizens are certainly important to us. My son and I enjoy hunting and we have a great respect for firearm use and safety. So, I have a keen appreciation for the safety of our children and the right to bear arms for security, self-defense, sporting, hunting and collection.

As Attorney General, I have taken a leadership role in protecting the Second Amendment. From filing briefs in various courts supporting the rights of gun owners to negotiating compacts with 39 states to allow our concealed pistol licensees to carry their pistols in those states, my position has been firmly on the side of law-abiding gun owners.

At the state level, most of the serious proposals are aimed at clarifying state law and facilitating our ability to own and use firearms. I will work closely with Governor Snyder and the Legislature to review thoroughly any legislation concerning firearms.

Again, thank you for sharing your opinions with me.
Bill Schuette
Attorney General

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