Big Day in the Michigan House

Today is a big day in the House for Michigan residents. The Michigan House is set to review 6b610 which if passed will allow Michigan gun owners to apply for and own SBR and and SBS style rifles.

In addition to this steps are being taken to protect your identity in wake of anti gun federal legislation. Please read this recent press release from the NRA.  I received this late last night so references to tomorrow are actually today.

Tomorrow, critical legislation ensuring that your firearms records are kept confidential will be heard in the state House Judiciary Committee.  As previously reported, the Firearms Records Confidentiality Package consists of House Bill 5324House Bill 5325House Bill 5326House Bill 5327House Bill 5328House Bill 5329 and House Bill 4155.

The Firearms Records Confidentiality Package seeks to clarify current laws regarding the licensing and registration of pistols.  Specifically, these bills aim to rework the current regulations regarding how firearms records are collected, used and accessed.  These bills reiterate that information contained in a firearms record is confidential and not subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act. They ensure that the only accepted disclosure of an individuals firearms records information is limited to times when a peace officer has probable cause to believe that the firearm was used in the commission of a crime, that the individual whose record is being accessed is a threat to himself, herself or other individuals, or when the safety of the peace officer is at issue. These clarifications make firearms records subject to similar constitutional protections afforded by the Fourth Amendment.  The Firearms Records Confidentiality Package is an important step forward in keeping firearms records private and confidential.

The Firearms Records Confidentiality Package has been referred to the state House Judiciary Committee and is expected to be heard TOMORROW.

Using the contact information provided below, please call AND e-mail members of the House Judiciary Committee TODAY and encourage them to protect the privacy of responsible gun owners and sportsmen.  Urge them to SUPPORT the Firearms Confidentiality Package.

House Judiciary Committee:
Representative Kevin Cotter (R-99), Chairman
(517) 373-1789

Representative Klint Kesto (R-39), Majority Vice-Chairman
(517) 373-1799

Representative Phil Cavanagh (D-10), Minority Vice-Chairman
(517) 373-0857

Representative Kurt Heise (R-20)
(517) 373-3816

Representative Joel Johnson (R-97)
(517) 373-8962

Representative Andrea LaFontaine (R-32)
(517) 373-8931

Representative Tom Leonard (R-93)
(517) 373-1778

Representative Martin Howrylak (R-41)
(517) 373-1783

Representative Ellen Lipton (D-27)
(517) 373-0478

Representative Jeff Irwin (D-53)
(517) 373-2577

Representative Paul Clemente (D-14)
(517) 373-0140

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