Balanced Ammunition Delivery System for the M240 and MG3 Machine Guns

Mounting Solutions Plus (MSP) announces that they are now the exclusive exporter of the Balanced Ammunition Delivery System (B.A.D.S.) for the FN MAG/M240 and German MG3 Machine Gun.

The new Balanced Ammunition Delivery System (B.A.D.S.) revolutionizes the M240 weapon system. The B.A.D.S. system replaces the current ammo box under the weapon and produces a balanced center of gravity for this weapon. It also allows 125 rounds of ammo to be easily loaded by the gunner within ten seconds while in a standing or sitting position. The increased ammo capacity of the B.A.D.S enables the gunner to engage the target for up to 150% more time on target while on assault, on patrol, or in a hasty defensive position without a need to change the ammo box.

Because the B.A.D.S is balanced, it puts less stress on the operator and the M240 system. Unlike current ammo box designs, the B.A.D.S. ammunition deflection plate ensures spent cartridges are ejected away from the gunner.

Balanced Ammunition Delivery System (B.A.D.S.):

  • Balances the weapon when in use.
    • When on a tripod it keeps the weapon from rotating left.
    • When hand-held the balance achieved helps the operator to hold on target. Keeps the weapon from rotating.
  • While standing, empty cases are ejected away from the shooter.
  • A.D.S. adds only 9oz of weight.
  • Compact way of transporting ammunition.
  • Easy and quick to reload B.A.D.S. either sitting or standing.
  • Large capacity, 100-125 rounds.
  • Out performs all other options.
  • The B.A.D.S. delivers what others have been trying to manufacture for years.
  • More Info: Balanced Ammunition Delivery System

Visit the MSP YouTube Channel to see the B.A.D.S. in action:

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