B5 Enhanced Sopmod Stock by A Breon Customs

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Special Operations Peculiar Modification or the more commonly referred to SOPMOD is a series of modifications made to military weapons like the M4A1, FN Scar, M16, M14, AK47, ACR, MCR, Scar-H and so on.

These modifications include forgrips, rails, buis, acogs, Aimpoint, grenade launchers, IR targeting devices, reflex sight, suppressors, thermal sight’s, but stocks. Night vision.

In general, the SOPMOD kit is composed mostly of non-developmental and commercial off-the-shelf (NDI/COTS) accessories packaged together to support the M4A1 carbines.

Due to the needs of the team and availability of cannibalized parts the actual items used can vary greatly from unit to unit and even individual operators. From a tactical standpoint, this makes for mission specific weapons and at the same time create the marketing opportunity for government contractors to capitalize on the “as used by special forces, seals, rangers or any other numerous units of badassery

B5 Systems is the type government contractor that has been born by their ability to produce the NSWC Crane developed SOPMOD Buttstock for the U.S. Military. The Enhanced SOPMOD stock offers an almost identical feel to the standard SOPMOD stock but adds additional storage for batteries.

The Enhanced and Standard SOPMOD stocks also differ in that civilian versions offer

  • Anti rotational QD mount

  • Color matched hardware


The stock has incredibly tight tolerances. They are so tight that some people have written reviews complaining the stock does not fit on their buffer tube. It is the tightest fit I have had to squeeze into since prom. It took a bit of lube and a good amount of muscle to get the stock on my Mil-Spec tube the first time.

Once you do get it on, however, you can appreciate the tight fit. This stock fits so snugly you get a very positive grip on each of the positioning holes creating a wobble free, stable shooting platform to rest your face.

Initial impressions

B5 systems has made its name on developing an incredible cheek weld. When you compare this stock to the other major players, there is no question that B5 has developed some prime real estate to rest your face.

For those of us blessed with lush beards, enhanced cheek weld stocks are known to steal our facial hair like a psycho ex-girlfriend. The smooth lines and lack of seams allow for a safe haven for all of your facial hair.

Unlike many companies who strive to be the lightest option available the B5 Enhanced SOPMOD is heavier than most of the competition, which helps, create a nice balance of the weapon.

One issue I did not notice until I had a flashlight battery go dead on me is the very cool inserts that make this the enhanced version require the stock be removed from the buffer tube to access the storage compartments. I completely get why this needs to be, but when combined with how tight the stock fits that can be a serious pain in the ass. I have stopped carrying batteries in mine but as I use this weapon for classes and as range gun, I can afford to rely on having batteries in my bag. In the field, I can deal with the small hassle this creates. In a perfect world, B5 would find a way to access these compartments without removal of the stock.


Ok, have I mentioned the cheek weld on this stock? It is a dream come true for a fat faced hairy chipmunk, like myself. It makes for a very comfortable snag free platform.

The rubber recoil pad created a positive grip on most clothing and plate carriers. Giving the stock a firm grip on your body that will not snag when you need to move. The firm material with a bit of give absorbs the small amount of recoil in the 223/556 round without causing the weapon to move around on you.

What About A Breon?

You may remember in our early days we reviewed some very cool P-Mags from our buddy Adam, owner of A Breon Customs. B5 and A Breon are both Ohio based local companies.

Using Adam’s Polymer infusion technology, he can create highly customized graphics on items like stocks and magazines. You can see our original article here:

A Breon Custom Pmags’, Grips and More!

Here are some samples of what he has done with the B5 for other customers.

When you talk about the stock and the way it feels on your face and then you add a sticker, you’re an idiot. Using a polymer infusion like Adam does you notice no difference in the texture or thickness vs. the standard unmodified stock. Paying for a high-quality infusion is worth the investment.

While you can get away with vinyl for decoration, on a magazine your not going to want to feel the edges of the sticker, have the glue soften in high heat, or the slick vinyl material against your face.

Adam gives you the ability to customize without the downsides.

Final Thoughts

After shooting this now for the last several months, I have replaced my CTR stock with this and cut the foam in my Patriot Case to fit the weapon in its current configuration. With the stock, all the way collapsed it is about a ¼ inch longer than the Magpul CTR I had previously been using.

I am not going to call anyone out here, but there is another company that makes a product like this for more than two times the price. I have shot using both, and personally I can see no difference other than the brand name.

Both B5 and A Breon Customs have made a quality product that has stood up to thousands of rounds, rain, and rough treatment. The B5 Enhanced SOPMOD stock is used by top tier military and law enforcement for a reason. It has earned a place on my go to rifle and likely many future rifles to come.


You can purchase a customized B5 Systems Stock from Adam at A. Breon Customs here: http://shop.abreoncustom.com/Stocks_c6.htm

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