Atibal launches sub-$1K Atibal X 1-10x30mm FFP scope


The Atibal X 1-10x30mm FFP scope offers 1/10 MIL per click adjustments. (Photo: Atibal)

Atibal ups the ante in the scope market, announcing its new Atibal X 1-10x30mm First Focal Plane Scope priced under $1,000.

The Atibal X 1-10x30mm FFP scope features a daylight bright illuminated first focal plane MIL reticle with locking turrets. The scope offers 1/10 MIL per click adjustments and positive adjustment feedback in addition to an elongated low-profile magnification finger tab for users to make easy adjustments. Boasting fully multi-coated lenses, the scope delivers high definition ED glass with 10X magnification capabilities.

The FFP scope uses fully multi-coated lenses and high-def ED glass. (Photo: Atibal)

“Atibal has built a reputation of providing premium quality optics at mid-range prices and Atibal continues to push that envelope with the all new Atibal X 1-10×30; the only true 1x -10x magnification first focal plane scope for under $1000,” the company said in a news release. “We have gone to painstakingly long lengths during the development of the Atibal X to ensure that all aspects of the X will exceed our user’s expectations for such a unique optic.”

The Atibal X 1-10x30mm FFP scope is waterproof, shock proof and fog-proof, backed with a lifetime warranty. The scope is available now through Atibal with a price tag of $799. Currently, the company is offering a free 35mm Single Lever BOBRO Engineering mount with the purchase of the Atibal X.

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