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We like secret shit. Everything from what happened in Tijuana during one fateful Easter 96 to clandestine clubs and bludgeons–we dig it. Today, Cowan! is covering a covert pistol carry option from Hazard 4 (which is good–because he’ll never talk about that 96. Ever.) Mad Duo

Hazard 4 Armadillo Pistol Case

Covert gear is something that most companies offer in one form or another, and Hazard 4 is no different. The Armadillo pistol case is a semi-rigid zipper pouch at home with a 13” or smaller tablet/notebook or multiple handguns (I was able to shove in two Glock 17s and a Glock 19 with spare mags). Depending on what you want, the Armadillo case is a useful piece of gear that doesn’t hurt the wallet (MSRP is $45.98). But is it durable and functional?


I will admit it, I don’t off-body carry much and I don’t have a notebook or a tablet that will fit in the Armadillo (well, seeing as I don’t even own a tablet I guess my imaginary tablet can fit in anything because it transcends this mortal dimension but I didn’t want to write a review based on an esoteric touch screen computer). But I did work the Armadillo into some daily use to get a feel for it.


For off-body carry it blends right in to the caramel macchiato crowd, black and discreet with external molding that gives it the appearance of just about every other tablet pouch out there. It doesn’t have external velcro to tempt the addition of your favorite morale patches, because nothing ruins the covert look like a “I Shoot Motherfuckers in the Facepatch. The zipper closure is lockable and it comes with an optional shoulder strap if hand carry isn’t your bag or you are comfortable with the purse look. The Armadillo unzips and folds open totally, both top and bottom are semi-rigid to provide stiff support and protection when closed.


I toted the Armadillo to the gym on more than a few occasions and it didn’t get a second look; to me that’s a big win because the gym is one of the few places where I continually experiment with ways to keep my EDC close without it standing out (belly band holsters are great until its pullup time). The Armadillo comes with supplied padding, two thin sheets of white (I would prefer it in a different color) but those appear to be intended to be tossed out as the main compartment supports velcro backed holsters. This is good because with the padding removed, a single handgun will float around in the case. If you choose to leave the padding in place, it will hold a single (or two) handguns in place for easy access.


The Armadillo fits a very specific category, so it isn’t for everyone. It obviously doesn’t have the volume of a Jack Bauer bag to suit all your needs but it’s a well-built piece of gear that can help soften the appearance of your off-body handgun or protect your tablet. I would like to see it offered with a more functional (and non-white) padding, though that’s an easy enough fix for most of us that know where a fabric or hobby store is. For products in this category, the Armadillo is an excellent choice.



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