American Spirit Arms 9mm G9 Glock Mag Compatible AR15: Pistol Caliber Carbine Sale!

Want to try your hand at competitive 2 gun or 3 gun shooting but don’t want to mortgage your house to cover the cost?  Things don’t have to cost a fortune for us to get out, get some exercise and have a good time.  For less than $2000 you can pick up a brand new Glock 34 and one of our AR-G9 PCC rifles (which share magazines) and go have a blast.

Want a great option for home defense that combines stopping power with less worry about unintended barrier penetration?  There is no excuse for not knowing what is behind your target, but as we all know in the heat of the fight we rely on the information we have not our x ray vision. Gold Dot G2 ammunition loaded in one of our AR-G9 carbines is an excellent option for home defense.

Want to train with a real rifle that has real recoil but you don’t want to break the bank on ammo?  While training with .22 has always been an economical option (and certainly better than no training at all) we’ve always thought it was better to train with a round that had some actual recoil.  With 9mm target ammunition available for less than 25 cents per round the AR-G9 is an excellent way to put a lot of rounds down range and keep yourself sharp for not a lot of money.

  • Dedicated Glock lower (functioning last round hold open)
  • 7075 side charging upper
  • 16″ 1:10” nitride barrel
  • MLOK rail
  • Magpul 6 pos stock

Get you very own American Spirit Arms 9mm G9 Glock Mag Compatible AR15 $1199

They can usually ship to your FFL the same day you order.

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