Adventure Medical Brings Preparedness to SHOT Show

When most people think of the company Adventure Medical Kits, they usually think of small first aid pouches that are found in the camping supplies section of the local big box store.

In reality, Adventure Medical offers much more than pocket boo-boo kits. The brand actually falls under a larger umbrella which offers a variety of products to suit many outdoor emergency needs.

I had the opportunity to spend some time one-on-one with a rep at the Adventure Medical Kits booth on Wednesday to see the true variety of products they offer.

While Adventure Medical does make small boo-boo kits, their line runs through several series of kits, all the way up to fully-stocked guide-level medical bags suitable for professional mountaineering-type expeditions.

The first item that I was shown was the new redesign of the largest of their Sportsman Series. It offers improved labeling of the separate compartments to speed access to exactly what you need – whether it’s a splint and triangular bandage, actual trauma supplies, or just some benedryl for a bee sting. The trauma kit portion is removable so it can accompany you from base camp out into the hunting field for the day.

For “tactical” and trauma care, Adventure Medical offers several levels of single-use quick access pouches, the newest of which is the Trauma Pack III. This pouch includes EMT shears for cutting away clothing, a windlass tourniquet, and what they call a Pressure Trauma Dressing – what I know as an “Israeli Bandage”. With increasing concerns about preparedness for active shooter attacks on public places, this fills a niche for those who would like to carry an “emergency plan” in their backpack, purse or briefcase.

Single-use trauma

As if “people care” wasn’t enough, Adventure medical now has kits to care for injuries to your four-legged companion as well. These kits were designed with hunting dogs and service dogs in mind, but even your bestest trail buddy deserves preparedness.

Care for man’s best friend

The corporate umbrella which covers Adventure Medical also encompasses a brand called “SOL”.  No, this does not stand for what we usually think of when we are in a tough situation. Rather, this stands for “Survive Outdoors Longer”. 

SOL offers quite a selection of emergency survival equipment such as firestarting kits, reflective bivy sacks of various sizes and styles, whistles, signal mirrors, etc. 

But the offering from SOL which I found most interesting was the “Urban Survivor” kit. This kit includes a small backpack, and items such as work gloves, a face mask, a small medical kit, food bars, and even drinking water in sealed pouches. The pack is designed for situations such as weather disasters and includes enough materials to keep one person going for 72 hours.

My ultimate takeaway from this interesting visit is that whatever your first aid, trauma, or outdoor emergency needs are, Adventure Medical and SOL probably have what you are looking for. Check them out.