Adaptive Tactical Presents: Less Lethal Shotgun Stock

In todays high stress world of Law Enforcement activities every second could be the difference between life and death. Officers today need to be able to make decisions on the use of lethal or less than lethal force in fractions of a second. Any accessory that can help an officer in those few moments of chaos can be invaluable. Image an officer needing to deploy less than lethal style rounds from a pump shotgun but he has stop and check to see if the shotgun is loaded with conventional rounds or not ? It wastes seconds that could cost someone their life. That is exactly why Adaptive Tactical has released their new Less Lethal Shotgun Stock, that is manufactured in blaze orange. The stock has more going for it than just a hi visibility color scheme.

Different colored shotgun stocks are nothing new to the gun industry, but this particular one has a few features that clearly set it apart from its competitors. The Adaptive Tactical stock is adjustable to allow for officers to adjust the length of pull. This is especially helpful when officers are using body armor or riot gear, SWAT team members could use this shorter stock on an entry shotgun in conjunction with less lethal rounds to stop unarmed and deranged suspects. The six position adjustable butt stock also features a recoil pad and a quick disconnect swivel mount to allow the installation of any sling system.

Image Courtesy:AdaptiveTactical.Com

The Adaptive Tactical Stock also features a slightly textured polymer pistol grip built into the stock for better control and handling of the shotgun it is mounted on. The forend of the shotgun features a small two inch long section of picatinny rail under a removable cover that allows users to mount their favorite light or gadget on the slide. Adaptive Tactical has said they intend to make this set up for all of the most popular brands of 12 gauge police shotguns. The list that we have been told about it listed below in the specifications section.


Manufacturer: Adaptive Technologies

Place of manufacture: United States of America


  • Mossberg 500
  • Mossberg 590
  • Mossberg 88
  • Remington 870

Weight: 1.98 lbs

Color: Blaze Orange

Length of Pull: 

  • With Recoil Pad: 11.5-14.5 “
  • Without Recoil Pad: 10.5-13.5 “

Stock Positions: Six available in 5/8″ increments

MSRP: $129.99

Features of Note: 

  • Pistol Grip
  • Picatinny Rail
  • QD swivel mounting point at rear of stock

Overall I will say that Adaptive Tactical did a great job of realizing a niche in the firearms market and grabbing it with both hands. The company has clearly put some thought into this system and marketed it towards two large segments of the gun community, that being Law Enforcement and Tactical Shotgunners. The company makes the stock in black for those users and has plans to release it possibly in other color schemes. If you depend on less than lethal weapons for your job or are a big shotgunner then this stock system might be something you would enjoy. The fact its made in the United States and doesn’t need an M4 buffer tube or expensive adapter to instal makes it more attractive to shooters as well.

We want to hear from out audience that are shotgunners on this one, what do you think of the Adaptive Tactical Less Lethal kit ? Do you think it would be a good fit on your tactical pump shotguns if it was black? Drop us a line in the comments section and tell us why or why not ? What stocks are you all running ? we want to know.


Feature Image: AdaptiveTactical.Com

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