Accu-Grip AR Pistol Grip Review

We recently posted a review of 21 AR-15 grips. As a 6’1″ shooter the very small standard grips on an SR make shooting my AR less comfortable than some of my other rifles and my modified handguns. So I have tried my fair share of after market grips to expand the length of pull or offer a wider grip.

While many of the solutions allow my hand to fit better on the AR very few actually adjust my length of pull to the right place. Too often it is short and occasionally I have found it to be too long.  In an effort to fix that we reached out to Accu-Grip to see if their adjustable grip would fit the bill and we have not been let down.


  • Changes fixed trigger index length on AR from 2.25 inches to 2.75 – 3.25” in .14” increments.
  • Made from DuPont Zytel with long strand glass fibers with SS and brass fittings – strong, precise and durable.
  • Adjustment is simple, secure and reliable.
  • AR compatible with all Milspec AR lowers. Can replace any factory or aftermarket grip.
  • AK compatible with almost all Russian, Romainian and Polish AKs.
  • US Patent Filed – Made in USA.
  • Available in Black, Dark Earth, OD Green and Desert Sand

What is Accu-Grip

Accu-Grip is a grip replacement system. The grip system replaces the standard 1 piece AR grip with a 2 piece adjustable length of pull grip.



It comes with 2 screws, washers, wrench and 2 part grip system. The block you can see in the image above would attach much like a traditional grip would directly to any mil-spec AR-15 rifle.  The grip then attaches to the block instead of directly to the rifle. This moves the length of pull to a minimum distance of 2.75 inches a .5 inch increase over traditional grips. In increments as small as .14 inches you can move the length of pull to a maximum of 3.25 inches or the equivalent of 1 full inch from standard length.

Once set the grip stays firmly in place using the supplied screw and can easily be loosened and moved for other shooters while at the range.


I honestly expected to have a lot more cons for this article than I actually do. After shooting a few hundred rounds with it this is what myself and another buddy of mine had determined as the potential issues.

Aesthetics are the largestl complaint we had with this grip. Where it meets up at the back of the trigger guard there is a bit of space. Also the bever tail even at its closest measurement will not run up the back of the gun leaving an empty space. This has not affected the weapon during shooting but looking at the grip it is not as aesthetically pleasing as some of the other options on the market.

Let me make this clear though if your buying this grip you likely are doing so do to an issue with trigger length of pull and the accuracy you will gain should trump any looks.  I would have preferred the bever tail be thicker so that at its shortest distance it still would lay flush on the gun but even then I would have to comment on the gap as you lengthen the pull.

The other issue is that I found this grip came loose the first time I put it on. I do not normally use any form of loctite on my grips and have found just tightening the screw to be enough. On this griop however I did have to break down and use some loctite.


This is a well built solid and reliable grip made right here in the USA and that is something I can really get behind. It is contoured nicely with a rear palm swell like that found on the Glock 26 which very nicely fills your hand. The light stippling is good to give you a grip in adverse conditions but not so rough you’re leaving marks in your hand or getting uncomfortable during a full day of shooting.

The grip is hollow and lightweight. We would like to see a second version of this made like the Magpul grips that include a storage spot here for batteries but frankly that is just a wishlist item. I really like it’s current weight and can store batteries in my bag.

The high backed beaver tail is very comfortable and keeps your hand indexed in a consistent grip position.

Accu-Grip on Carbine
Accu-Grip on Carbine


With the slightly longer length of pull we found that we were less likely to improperly pull any shots. Getting a flat finger at trigger break was a bit easier to achieve naturally and allowed us to shoot a bit faster while remaining equally accurate. The easiest way to say it is we spent less time thinking about trigger discipline and more time performing proper trigger discipline due to having the proper length of pull based on our hand sizes. If you are already a top tier operator this is likely not going to make a huge difference to you but for larger hand people who need work on fundamentals this grip is likely going to help you develop proper form.


Accu-Grip on Carbine
Accu-Grip on Carbine

Final Thoughts

We are putting this trigger on our pistol build which should be completed soon. without the support of a butt stock making sure trigger pull is correct will be a huge advantage in making the small pistol accurate to longer ranges. We look forward to doing an updated review on this grip then. In the meantime we definitely enjoyed shooting with this grip and while it will not be going on any of the safe queen’s we may have it is certainly useful on a everyday shooter or plinker.

The store is still now completed and you can buy it here:

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