If a man hopes to accomplish anything really good that lasts in life he must have a deep love affair with the world. His relationship with it will get difficult at times, and even if he gives it his sincerest commitment, there will be moments when he will experience little in return. Men who profess not to care about it, or who care very little about it, by living as if they don’t give a damn are simply poseurs. Everyone loves living, no one enjoys dying, and the absence of purpose and meaning in love is saved solely for the truest most bitter of nihilists. Everyone benefits in some way from it, whether men choose to admit the affair or not, but the man who chooses commitment will find himself self-actualized. By accepting the relationship, regardless of its mercurialness, he will come into full realization of his own creative, intellectual, and social potential. It is understandable if one chooses to hide the desire they feel for it, and in fact the feeling of love for it may simply and rightly strike him like lighting out of the blue; that’s when he knows. Those who demand much of this world and deliver little emotion to it or none in return, may be confounded when nothing comes back to them and it is his response to this that matters. The world cannot ever and will not ever love him back, but he must never give up in his quest to love it. The world is no different than a fruit tree. Sometimes it will bear fruit, sometimes it won’t, sometimes it bears little, and sometimes it bears the greatest fruit of all but it isn’t dependent on how much labor the man puts into it, in fact it’s simply how much a man loved it even if it bore none at all. That is the simplest secret to one of the most beautiful things that will save him from his destructive self. The act of sincere love unlocks a world where a man will learn he will obtain much by giving, and this is what that wonderful affair was waiting for.

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