Acceptable Accuracy: Long-range rifle shooting with Ryan Cleckner

If an expert with a ton of precision long range rifle shooting experience (let’s say a former 3rd BN, 75th Ranger Regiment sniper), could give you one little tip that had the possibility to quickly improve your accuracy at long range, would you be interested?  I’m not talking about a magic word, but rather a resetting of your mental focus point to get you hits within the defined level of acceptable accuracy.

Good thing we have just such an expert around in Ryan Cleckner.  Ryan is not only a former Ranger sniper team leader, but also a best-selling author and shooting instructor.  His 2016 book, Long Range Shooting Handbook: A Beginner’s Guide To Precision Rifle Shooting is still #1 in Amazon’s Firearms Weapons and Warfare History category.  He also has a number of instructional videos on YouTube, published with the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

In this most recent video, Ryan covers his one small recommended adjustment shooters should be making to their expectations of acceptable accuracy.  Check out the video, give this tip a try next time you’re banging steel at 500+ yards.  Let me know how it works for you!

Rex Nanorum