A bullet to the chest doesn’t stop this dude from swinging at his attacker (VIDEO)

This is why you don’t fire warning shots or aim for the leg or any of these other non lethal forms of protection. A man takes a guns shot tot he chest and continues on his attack. Shoot to eliminate the threat because the threat has no issue with eliminating you.

During an attempted murder of a man in India, the victim is shot in the chest and after falling backwards, simply stands up and starts swinging at the man who just tried to kill him. But it’s not just the victim who goes after the hitman, a whole crowd of people join in, including one man who armed himself with a broom before smacking the attacker.

[Live Leak]

Source Article from http://www.guns.com/2015/01/22/a-bullet-to-the-chest-doesnt-stop-this-dude-from-swinging-at-his-attacker-video/

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