88 Tactical Survival Skills Courses

When people think of 88 Tactical they think of courses that involve guns like the VCQB Course. However, they also offer several non standard courses like the Anti Bullying/Abduction ones we talked about last month, and even several courses on survival.


Survival, like shooting and medicine, is learned by doing not buying (except courses from reputable people and ammo). People love buying stuff to put in a pack, pouch or bag because it gives them a feeling of safety. But if you’re building an IFAK, it does you no good if you tourniquet below the wound because you’re untrained. Same thing with survival gear. I hear of people building survival kits and bug-out bags, but few of them have actually put any of the items to use. What good is an expensive ferro rod if you don’t know how to collect dry tinder? There are many techniques to use a ferro rod that give everyone various levels of success. We would rather perfect them before you’re up Shit Creek and your canoe sinks. The guys at 88 Tactical have several courses of varying skill levels to help you go from mere surviving to thriving when the shit hits the fan (survival sayings certainly have a love for fecal matter). We like some of you and figure you should check out the courses they offer below, so you can read our stuff for a bit longer.

This entry level survival course will familiarize you with the gear and skills needed to survive comfortably in the backcountry. A fun and informative 8-hour day that covers fires, signaling, shelters, survival kits, and tools. Classroom and outdoor instruction at our Tekamah training facility.


Two days of exciting and challenging instruction at our Tekamah facility. Students stay the night in shelters they construct from natural materials found on our 160 acre wilderness training site. Build fires to dry gear, provide clean water, cook the food, and provide warmth. Learn to adapt and improvise in order to thrive in the wilderness while under close and safe supervision.


Instruction takes place over three days of outdoor survival training. Students learn survival kits, first aid and safety, sourcing food and water, selecting the right camp site, and also knots and hitches. Much of this training mirrors military survival curriculum.

Requires successful completion of Basic Survival Skills course, or Instructor permission.


This advanced course is designed around two days of intense scenario-based survival instruction. Participants are guided through emergency medical treatment, sheltercraft, signaling, animal and water procurement, tools, and non-tradtional fire starting methods. Advanced Survival Skills deals with true life and death decision making, and requires physical and mental preparation.

Successful completion of Intermediate Survival Skills course required.


Survival is as much skill based as it is mental, so do yourself a favor and adequately prepare by taking one of these courses. You can sign up for this course and many others here or check out 88 Tactical’s Facebook and Instagram to see what they’re up to.


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