7-year-old bags her first deer like a pro (VIDEO)

North Texas huntress Lilly Clapper was all smiles after she harvested her first deer with a single shot via .300 Blackout.

Tension builds as Lilly, daughter of sportsman Cody Clapper, waits patiently for the animal to get in the perfect position as coached by her whispering father.

“Shoot the big one…don’t shoot yet,” he says.

“I know…” she whispers back, eyes on her Leupold scope, showing great trigger control.

Then the shot comes and the AR, braced by a shooting stick, recoils into her shoulder– but once its travel is over she sees the doe go down and it’s all high-fives and smiles.

Somewhere in New York, a journalist is screaming to the sky.

Source Article from http://www.guns.com/2016/12/02/7-year-old-bags-her-first-deer-like-a-pro-video/

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